Housing Complex (OBNL)

The housing complex is comprised of 23 apartment units for low-income seniors able to live autonomously. Those interested in obtaining a unit must file an application form with the Centre’s management; they must also have an income no higher than the maximum allowable income as determined by the SHQ. The complex consists of two studio apartments for a single person; seventeen 3 ½’s for a single person or a couple; and four 4 ½’s for couples who, for medical reasons, cannot share a room, or for seniors whose adult child lives with them as their caregiver.

When a unit becomes available, any necessary repairs are done in preparation for the new tenant. Candidates’ applications are reviewed by a selection committee that includes the Centre’s Director, an employee of the Community Support department, and a tenant representative. The selection committee interviews applicants and conducts a home visit to assess their living conditions. Applicants are assessed based on an existing scoring system and the person who has collected the most points is granted the apartment.

Unlike assisted living facilities, the complex offers no on-site medical support (no doctors, no nurses); therefore, all tenants must be fully autonomous. When tenants lose their autonomy, they, or their families, must appeal to the CLSC or other social service organizations for support. This may result in their having to relocate to a residence better suited to their needs. Our Community Support department can assist by providing information and referral to such organizations.

For more information about the apartments or to apply, please contact our Director, Rose Mary Silletta.

Rose Mary Silletta 514-933-7351 ext. 108


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